Studio work / Travail en atelier


I'm so happy to start a new year.. It's always such fun to stop and think about where our life is heading and it seems that January is the perfect month for that. Do you ever make a point of analyzing your life in the new year ? Do you stop and make a list of things not done or things you would like to do ? Do you reflect on yourself, on your ability to manage what's around you ? I sure do.

I'm please with myself right now. I'm for ever trying to be the best at everything I do and for once I have decided to appreciate life without pushing myself harder than necessary meaning, I will do things the best I can but without giving myself the pressure of performing. Maybe I should of registered in performing art hihi!

So lets have fun and enjoy life day after day. Really do we know about tomorrow! Should we worry about the future or just live today as it's supposed to be.. I choose to live today one minute at the time. I choose to create with the inspiration of the day.. and enjoy every minute of it.

The picture shows you some creations I did in the sewing studio. I will be moving away from that place concentrating of my painting and mosaic for the new year. I believe I've found my way out of everything I do. So lets take that ride together. Come back from time to time I will keep showing you my projects. My new studio is being built and I'm planing to move in beginning of February.

Have a wonderful week.. I will see you shortly.


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