Work in progress

I promised you some work in progress, so here's the first one. This flower is done on Arches Paper 300 lbs and measures 24'' x 30''.

I love to create my watercolor with the wet into wet technique. For some of you who do not know about this technique I will post some examples of it in a near future so please refer back to the blog next week. (Weekends will be days off on the blog for me) . Many people say that working with watercolor this way is difficult because of the lack of control we have over the water. I for once, prefer this over any other method.

It's been a while since I last created a big flower so this time I am not concerned about the edges all I want to do is get reacquainted with my technique. I will worry about that next time.

I always start my painting with a very light sketch using only the contour as a guide. The rest is done as I go. I use a picture to guide me through the process of applying the pigments but I am merely just looking for light and shadows. Often I will totally change the color of the flower.

For example:

This white flower was used to create my watercolor entitled
Dame Traculente
watercolor 24'' x 30''

As you can see, I wasn't really looking to reproduce exactly the same flower but marely represent the light and shadows found in the reference subject.

Give it a try.. Take a picture of your own flowers and learn to play around with it. Let free of your imagination.

It sure is lots of fun.


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