Bienvenue, Welcome.

It's with great pleasure that I started this blog . Computer life is so time consuming that I wanted to wait until the right moment to do so.. so here I am and pleased to be.

Through this site you will be able to keep in touch with my daily activities in the Studio.. I will try to post as many work in progress as possible. Sadly for my best friends this blog will be in English for now but will soon get going in French. Désolée les amies...

This first painting is one you have seen on my internet site under the watercolor tab. This painting is now residing in the United States but I'm happy to say that it will be my company logo as well.. I love the intensity of the colors inside this painting as well as the light reflexion found in it.

This painting was done during a very difficult time in my life , when all seemed so dark. Funny enough this one is my favorite of all..

I came across a French book the other day entitled ''Medecine des Anges'' from Dr. Doreen Virtue. As I read the pages I came across a section where she explained the fact behind each colors and this is what I found out about the colors used in this painting.

Purple: This color has the ability to cure cancer and viruses.

White light , has the ability to close inner wound.

Blue light cleans the inner body and orange opens up our third eye . She says that those colors and also the colors of angles... go figure !

So I hope you like this painting and sure wish to see you again on a daily basis.. hopefully you will be in touch either through here or my site at

See ya !


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